Saxon Viper M10 training University of Tokyo Students
Saxon Viper M-Series

Redesigned in 2017, the new Viper M10 and M12 are larger, lighter and more efficient than ever.  Modular in design, the nose cone and bottom fuselage sensor bays are easily swappable to fit multiple mission profiles.  A new feature unique to the M10 and M12 is the ability to adjust the wing location to match the center of gravity, eliminating the need to move components and batteries inside the payload bay.  The Saxon Remote Systems Viper M10 or M12 can be ordered with either electric or gas power. 

Saxon Monitor M14

The Saxon Aerospace M14 Monitor is a proven, capable unmanned aerial vehicle that has developed a reputation for powering through a multitude of unmanned missions.  The M14 has completed hundreds of flights to include high profile defense missions of up to 18 hours in duration with an ISR payload.  Placing function as the highest priority, the M14 is one of the most dependable and field serviceable airframes available.  The Saxon Remote Systems M14’s modular design allows for exchange components to repair the aircraft in the field quickly.  The Air Hybrid fuel powered M14 is your best choice of aircraft for critical long range missions.

SRV Futura

The SRV (Squad Reconnaissance Vehicle) is a multi versatile system from Saxon to cover a wide range of UAS missions from ISR, SAR, Mapping, Long Range Linear Inspections and much more.  This complete turnkey system is the most economical option for entering the fixed-wing market or building a fleet of unmanned systems at an excellent price point.  Built from composites, and designed with forgiving flight characteristics the SRV (Squad Reconnaissance Vehicle)  is well suited for novice pilots and flight training and can be hand-launched and recovered in ultra-tight spaces.  The SRV (Squad Reconnaissance Vehicle) is delivered complete with aircraft, optional sensors, and all necessary ground support equipment.  


Saxon Inspector UAS Multicopter


The Saxon Aerospace Inspector UAS is a state of the art multirotor platform capable of ultra-long-range missions.  The Inspector has a 45 minute flight time with a modest payload and wind conditions.  This system was involved in one of the largest mapping projects to date and has performed flawlessly.  Using 900 Mhz telemetry and Microhard Radios, the Inspector is geared perfectly for substantial mapping projects, ISR, SAR, and industrial inspections.  

TASC (Tactical Advanced Surveillance Crawler)
Tactical Crawler


· Perimeter Patrol Missions

· Over 30+ hours of sustained operations

· Efficient Gas Powered

· 4-Wheel Drive  (on and off-road capable)

· Modular and Swappable Sensors

· Heavy Payload Capability

· Provides a mobile and visual deterrent

· Deploy Weapons Systems

· Turn-Key System

·  Low Cost of Entry

· Under 6ft Tall • Compact

· Gasoline Powered, fuel efficient

· All-Weather • 4x4 All Terrain

· Wheels or Tracks

· Includes Ground Control Station

· Autonomous or Manual Control

MCV (Mobile Command Vehicle)

The Saxon Aerospace Mobile Command Center allows you to take full control of your operations to any location.  The mobile command center features a customizable pilot and sensor operator control console capable of communicating with any remote system.  The mobile command center can transport your team to the job site and allow for data capture and processing on location for your client to view in real-time.  The mobile command center is ideal for capturing data for critical missions at a moment's notice in remote locations.