Saxon Inspector UAS C&C Machined Components

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Saxon Inspector UAS is a military-grade multirotor designed for long-range, high-level missions. Whether it is cell tower inspections, power-line inspections, pipeline inspections, or ISR type missions. The Saxon Inspector is the most rugged multirotor built today.

The Saxon Inspector is known as the most rugged UAS in the market due to each component C&C machined in-house with our partners in Europe. In addition, the Inspector is not constructed of Carbon Fiber like our competition. We manufacture the Inspector fuselage out of aircraft aluminum. This offers exceptionally high strength, rigidity and is ultra-lightweight.

You can see, the images above show each component that is machined in-house. The battery carriage interchange is a quick-lock system that is sparkless. Large Industrial facilities and refineries appreciate the sparkless function but not to be confused with intrinsically safe.

The Saxon Inspector is a highly stable drone that is fully autonomous, however, you can maintain positive control over the vehicle at all times with a Futaba or Taranis Transmitter.

The Saxon Inspector is unique as we have integrated Microhard Military Grade Radios and the Autopilot on one single board. This will minimize wiring bird nests, EMI, open real estate in the fuselage and allow for further expansion. This board is the first of it's kind and will take the industry by storm.

This function makes seamless connectivity between the air side and ground station. You can now use a Panasonic type Toughpad, Apple Ipad/Phone or Android.

Starting around $18k, please call or email us for a quote. We are anxious to move mountains for you.


John Ferguson

Chief Executive Officer