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The Pyramid GNSS technology is a breakthrough in the ability to create GNSS receivers that are protected against spoofing and jamming attacks. It allows detection, mitigation and reporting of both spoofing and jamming attacks while still providing accurate position, navigation and timing. It is the first solution relevant to the commercial sector in terms of performance, price, size and weight.

Spoofing is a smart attack on GNSS receivers, allowing an attacker to pose as a legitimate satellite signal, enabling him to manipulate and deceive the receiver, causing  severe unexpected behavior.

Jamming is a denial of service attack, causing the GNSS receiver to fail in providing a PNT solution due to high levels of noise created by the jammer.

The GNSS Opportunity

GNSS plays a critical role in next-generation positioning and timing systems as the only source of absolute position, velocity and time. The GNSS industry’s global revenue is currently over $85B and is expected to grow beyond $100B in 2021 with  22 billion devices globally, according to the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA). At the same time, the LBS (Location Based Services) market is expected to reach $250B in 2021.

Pyramid LiDAR

LiDAR is prone to different spoofing and jamming attacks. Since the sensor has to perform very complex tasks, while becoming smaller and more affordable, security at the sensor level is challenging to implement.

Pyramid LiDAR is an independent, external solution, detecting attacks against the LiDAR suite. The Pyramid LiDAR, now in early research, is the only dedicated system looking at LiDAR security today and is also designed with commercial use cases in mind.